The Forge
Field Notes for Knowledge Work

In the realm of the possible, we seek input from craftspeople who strive to own the means of their intellectual labor, using tools and platforms free–to the utmost extent possible–from extractive and exploitative practices.

Workshops are domain-specific curricula that advance a beginning practitioner to the intermediate and the expert levels of craft. Some examples of our workshops include Amateur Librarian, Academic Author, Media Archaeologist, and Textual Scholar. These are curated by moderators, responsible for coverage and quality of material.

Tutorials represent modular, domain-independent lesson plans necessary for contemporary knowledge work. Foundational tutorial are often shared among multiple workshops. All material in this category is reviewed by at least two of our editors and indicated as such (we don’t have this implemented yet).

Lessons are integral, atomic components that make up our tutorials. Individual lessons do not necessarily make sense on their own: they are usually collated into larger groupings.

We welcome and credit all pull requests from the broader community: if you fix an error, want to translate or contribute to any existing material please do not hesitate to get in touch. Guidelines for contributors can be found here.

The Forge was founded with support from several sister communities including Global Emergent Media Lab at Concordia University, Columbia University’s Studio at Butler Library, Price DH Lab at University of Pennsylvania, and Memory of the World Collective, Centre for Postdigital Cultures at Coventry University.